Hi everyone-

The current discussion of XMetal and EAD DOCTYPEs has reminded me to ask
the list something I've been wondering about for some time. I see two
versions of the EAD2002 DOCTYPE floating around out there:

<!DOCTYPE ead PUBLIC "+//ISBN 1-931666-00-8//DTD ead.dtd (Encoded
Archival Description (EAD) Version 2002)//EN" "ead.dtd">

<!DOCTYPE ead PUBLIC "-//Society of American Archivists//DTD ead.dtd
(Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Version 2002)//EN" "ead.dtd">

We've been using the latter, since a doctype with an ISBN struck me as
funny (although the encoded examples on the EAD site use the former,
with the ISBN). Is the former really the correct one? If so, where did
the latter one come from? What's the deal with the ISBN?


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