Thanks for raising the issue of "desk copy" access to Cataloger's Desktop and Classification Web.  We have consulted with LC's Office for General Counsel (OGC) on this subject and they are very emphatic that it would violate federal law for us to either give away any product for which others pay, or to have differential pricing.  Much as we would like to do what you are asking, we would be exposing ourselves to criminal prosecution if we did so.

   Your best bet is to have your parent university subscribe to these products and pay the difference between their anticipated use level and your additional anticipated use.  This is being successfully done in dozens of library schools.

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>>> Heidi Hoerman <[log in to unmask]> 06/30/06 1:06 PM >>>
Although this survey is aimed at those who use LC for its collections, I answered this so that my heavy use of the catalogs, authority files, and MARC pages for teaching would be recorded.  I also made a point of the difficulty I have providing access to ClasWeb and Cataloger's Desktop to my students since no "onsite" licensing will work for us.  
  Maybe this will be a way for us to get LC to recognize that to us faculty they are a publisher who is not making it possible for us to push their products to our students.  
  All I want is "desk copy" access for me and semester long access for my registered students who are not doing their studying in our building -- heck some of our out-of-state cohort folks have never been in SC!  Why is this so difficult for CDS to accommodate?  We faculty are their best advertisers!

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  Dear All,

The Library of Congress wants to gain a better understanding of who its patrons are, what services they use, and the quality and value of those services. If you are a user of the Library of Congress, either on site or via the Web, we invite you to take a few minutes to give us your feedback using the online survey at: 

This user survey is being conducted by Outsell, Inc. on behalf of the Library. All responses will be kept confidential. Only grouped data will be reported; your responses will not be singled out in the analysis. Thank you very much for using the Library of Congress.


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