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Links to the OPM classification and qualification standards for the 1412
series are on the FLICC Human Resources webpage at <> .
There are 4 job descriptions for GS-1412-12 positions in FASCLASS on the
Army's CPOL personnel site at
<> .   Mouse over FASCLASS in
the top menu bar and select Search Position Data.  I searched only for GS-12
and found 4.  However, only the 1 that mentions knowledge management is very
new.  The other 3 are dated 1994.  
Hope this helps.
Ann Parham


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Subject: Performance elements for Librarians

For anyone who feels comfortable in responding: 

I am the only employee in this library.  Currently, I am trying to modify my
performance elements and am having difficulty finding guidelines for the
GS1412 series. 

Does anyone have suggestions or past experiences they would like to share? 

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