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Knovel K-News - June 14, 2006
Vol. 6, Iss. 11 - 

Special Issue!

Free 2-Week Access for Knovel Steam Tables (Just Released)
and the Energy Efficiency Manual. Start Using Both Now!

For this Special Issue of K-News, we are opening two major Knovel references (no registration required), and issuing two tutorials to give you an idea of how these important references can help you locate and use the information you need. Happy researching!


Open Access to 'Knovel Steam Tables' and 'Energy Efficiency Manual'

Readers of K-News have two weeks of open access to a select title or group of titles in each issue. This special issue features access to two important titles: Knovel Steam Tables and the Energy Efficiency Manual.

(1) Knovel Steam Tables (c) 2006, Knovel Corporation. Steam, water, and electricity are among the most universal products in human life and their use covers an expansive range of industrial and scientific applications. Standardized and reliable knowledge of these properties is vital in the design and operation of thermal power cycles, and is also important in many research applications. Knovel's powerful new reference and software tool, Knovel Steam Tables, provides a full implementation of the 1997 industrial formulation for the properties of water and steam by the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS), as well as IAPWS releases for transport properties and surface tension. The data is presented in the form of interactive tables, each table accompanied by a calculator and live graphs. In addition, each graph has a built-in digitizer and contains families of curves (e.g., constant pressure lines). The user may obtain any desired precision for points over the entire two-dimensional valid range of the graph. All of the tables, calculators, graphs, and graph digitizers allow the user to select either SI or English units for their inputs and outputs.

Knovel Steam Tables Webinar - June 23rd

Knovel will conduct a live training webinar on June 23 at 10 am EDT (14:00 UCT/GMT). The webinar will last 20 minutes and provide a comprehensive overview of the "Next Generation" functionality Knovel has built into this exciting new product. Please reserve your spot here if you want to attend: Space is limited!

(2) Energy Efficiency Manual (c) 1999, Energy Institute Press. The Energy Efficiency Manual (EEM) is the world's primary reference, how-to guide, and sourcebook for energy conservation. It helps readers improve efficiency and save money in all types of buildings and plants, ranging from individual houses to commercial buildings to large institutions and industrial plants. EEM shows how to save energy and reduce costs in every part of commercial, residential and industrial facilities. It improves heating, air conditioning, insulation, water systems, lighting, and much more. EEM shows how to select equipment, such as motors, pumps, fans, and appliances. It explains how to purchase energy at the lowest rates, and how to exploit renewable resources. This timely reference is organized around 394 logically grouped energy conservation actions called "Measures" and presented in language everyone understands. It has been created for those who use energy, pay for utilities, manage property, operate energy systems, design and build structures, as well as those who value conservation and the environment. It's loaded with features that help you quickly find the right information for each application. "Ratings" and "Selection Scorecards" identify your best conservation opportunities. "Traps & Tricks" ensure success. "Economics" estimate savings and costs.

EEM Features Available Only on Knovel

* All 394 "Measures" have been transformed into a Knovel Interactive Table allowing users to quickly scan each Measure and if interested, click a link showing the full text.

* In addition, 47 graphs have been made interactive with Knovel's Graph Digitizer, allowing users to retrieve X/Y values from digitized curves.

Start using Knovel Steam Tables and Energy Efficiency Manual now! You have immediate and unlimited access for the next two weeks--no registration required. Enjoy!


Interface Update for Knovel Interactive Tables

On Wednesday, June 7th, a new version of Knovel Interactive Tables went live on the Knovel Library Web site. Users will now notice an updated, more user-friendly design, and significantly improved performance in Interactive Table functions including sort, search, and filter modes. More details, including screen shots of the new design, are available in Knovel's Technical Note 2006-001, available in the Help Center on the Knovel Library Web site. This interface update affects only Interactive Tables. Be sure to take a look at Knovel's new and improved Interactive Tables.

Trade Shows & Events

ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) 113th Annual Conference and Exposition, Chicago, June 18-21, Hyatt Regency-Riverside Center. Donald Wulfinghoff, author of the Energy Efficiency Manual, will present "Moving Engineering Practice into the Classroom: Using the New Interactive References" on Monday, June 19th at 10:30 am during the Energy Conversion & Conservation Division session. Mr. Wulfinghoff will also give live demonstrations of the "Knovelized" version of the Energy Efficiency Manual at the Knovel booth (#812). Be sure to stop by and meet Don and the Knovel crew!

ALA (American Library Association) 2006 Annual Conference, New Orleans, June 24-27, New Orleans Convention Center. Knovel representative Bryan Keane will demonstrate the Knovel service. Be sure to stop by the Knovel booth (#3252).

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a Knovel representative at any of these events, please contact Knovel at: 1-866-303-3336 or email at [log in to unmask]

Trial Access to Knovel Library for Your Organization

Knovel offers trial access to Knovel Library for organizations interested in experiencing how "Knovelization" can benefit their employees. Trials for multiple users are offered to companies, universities, and government agencies. To request a trial for your organization, please email the following information to Justin Skogen ([log in to unmask]): 

* Full contact details, including name, job title, address, and telephone number;
* Approximate number of researchers in your organization (including engineers, scientists, and technicians);
* Your organization's approximate annual budget for information resources;
* The dates you would like to schedule an evaluation of the Knovel service.

Justin will contact you to arrange for your organization-wide trial. Contact him today!


Tutorial #1 - Rankine Cycle Efficiency Calculation

Scenario: A manufacturing plant is looking to improve the performance of its steam turbines. Even a slight increase in efficiency can translate into millions of dollars per year for the company. The plant engineer in charge of the project is considering the addition of warm condenser cooling water instead of cooler lake water for the boiler feedwater make-up. The engineer wants to inject low-pressure steam (previously used to warm the lake water) into the turbine. To see if this idea has merit, the engineer needs to calculate the Rankine cycle efficiency number for the new pressure and temperature. Knovel can help.

1. Let's go directly to one of this issue's Featured Titles--Knovel Steam Tables--to help us find the information we seek. In order to quickly locate it, enter the title Knovel Steam Tables in the Search box on the Knovel Library home page. In the "Search in" drop down list, select "Title". This query means: "find any reference on Knovel where the words knovel and steam and tables are all present in the title." Click the Search button.

2. The search results page shows 1 title that matches the search query. Click on the name.

3. The entire Table of Contents for Knovel Steam Tables appears. Notice there are a number of advanced software tools that comprise this reference, including Interactive Tables, Graph Digitizers, and Calculators. The "Power Cycle Efficiency Calculator" located near the top of the TOC looks promising. Click on the Calculator link.

4. A calculator launches in a new window. Our engineer is now able to input various values to perform "what if" scenarios, changing temperature and pressure at will. Notice that either English or the International System of Units (SI) measurements can be selected on-the-fly. The Knovel Power Cycle Efficiency Calculator creates a formatted table with entries for turbine outlet temperature, turbine outlet pressure, turbine outlet quality factor (% vapor), ideal Rankine cycle efficiency, and Carnot cycle efficiency. The engineer has just saved hours of time in manual calculations by using Knovel's new calculator!

Tutorial #2 - Improve Chiller Plant Efficiency

Scenario: A university needs to cut costs to prevent a tuition increase. The facilities manager has been charged with reducing the operations budget by 5%. Given the recent dramatic increases in energy costs, cutting money from operations will be a major challenge. Working with the facilities engineer, the manager targets the university's aging chiller plant (air conditioning system) as the most likely candidate for improvement to reduce energy costs. What steps can be taken to increase efficiency in the chiller plant, thereby reducing the amount of energy needed? Knovel can help.

1. In the Search box on the Knovel Library home page enter the phrase chiller plant. The query entered means: "find any page of text or row of data from an interactive table where the terms chiller and plant are both present near each other on the same page or are in the same row of data." Click the Search button.

2. The search results page shows 9 titles that match the search query. The first title listed is Energy Efficiency Manual--one of this week's Featured Titles. Click on the name of that title.

3. The Table of Contents for Energy Efficiency Manual appears. Only those sections/chapters containing hits for the search query are displayed by default. Notice the very first result called "Interactive Index to the Measures." Click the Table (61) link next to it.

4. An Interactive Table appears showing 61 Measures (action steps) related to chiller plants. Each Measure is a cost-saving technique with estimates of the energy saved, the cost to implement, and the payback period. The Interactive Table presents a summary of each Measure along with a link to the original full text description (in PDF format).

5. The information discovered is now quickly analyzed using sort, filter, select, and export. Knovel Interactive Tables enable users to hide or reveal columns, sort by columns, filter columns, select rows, and export information to an Excel spreadsheet, HTML file, PDF file, or text document.

The facilities manager quickly reviews the list of energy-saving ideas for chiller plants, chooses the best candidates by evaluating ease of retrofit and cost, and exports the results to a customized document to be shared with the facilities engineer. No doubt there's at least a few Measures from the Energy Efficiency Manual that will help the university trim energy usage in the chiller plant, resulting in money saved.


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Energy Efficiency Manual 

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ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) 113th Annual Conference and Exposition 

ALA (American Library Association) 2006 Annual Conference 
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