I just returned from the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL).  A
paper was presented that may help - "What Do Digital Librarians Do?" By
Yougok Choi and Edie Rasmussen (Proceedings of the 6th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint
Conference on Digital Libraries,  ACM SIG on Information Retrieval, et al,
pp. 187 - 188, June 2006, ISBN: 1-59593-354-9).  The paper is not currently
online but there's contact info on the JCDL wiki at .

Jo Ann Soriano
US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters Library
Alexandria, VA

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Subject: Calling for 'Digital Librarian' Position Descriptions

    We are looking for examples of position descriptions that a GS-11 1410
Librarian -- or 1412 Technical Information Specialist if that series fits too
-- is CURRENTLY working under, that incorporates digital knowledge and
expertise in the area of purchasing/maintaining serials, websites,
federated databases, etc.    Please email, fax or 'snail mail' copies to me
(see info below).

     Thank you so much!

Barbara Campbell
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Bureau of Land Management
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