We've been running into this all the time as we catalog early  
twentieth-century periodicals. Our approach has been to use record  
the name as it appears in the MODS record and then use MADS records  
to capture the relationship among names.

On Jun 21, 2006, at 2:00 PM, John Banning wrote:

> While attempting to document the metadata for a issues of several Dime
> Novels (,  
> it has
> been revealed that the authors often go by pseudonyms. For instance  
> "A New
> York Detective".
> How should this be captured in MODS? Does anyone have any examples?
> Obviously this should be captured in the <name> element, but are  
> there sub
> elements or attributes that designate pseudonyms?
> Thanks for any and all help,
> John Banning
> Stanford University

Clifford Wulfman
Technical Director, Modernist Journals Project
Brown University
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