MODS community colleagues;
In case of interest, I'm forwarding information about the release by the
California Digital Library of a draft XML schema for capturing critical
metadata to enable end users to make determinations regarding a work's
copyright status. As noted below, we regard this as a "proof of concept"
release and welcome any and all feedback.

Bill Landis
Metadata Coordinator
California Digital Library
University of California Office of the President
415 20th Street, 4th floor
Oakland, CA 94612-2901
(510) 987-0809
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CDLINFO Newsletter, May 25, 2006, Vol. 9, No. 9 

The California Digital Library is making available the first draft of
its XML schema for copyright metadata, CopyrightMD. This schema grew out
of work at the CDL to address the integration of rights information into
the digital library workflow. During the course of this work the CDL
identified a minimum set of data elements needed to support current and
future assessments of the copyright status of a work. These data
elements have been expressed in a simple prototype XML schema
(copyrightMD.xsd), which can be found with documentation and examples

Although this schema was developed for the University of California's
digital library, we recognize that it may be of use to other members of
the digital library community. The CDL invites members of that
community, and any other cultural heritage organizations that are
working with digital resources, to comment on the schema design, the
data elements, and any other aspects of this work. The web page contains
an email address for those comments. We consider this to be the "proof
of concept" stage and are interested in collaborating on further
enhancements with other interested projects and organizations.

CopyrightMD is one outcome of the efforts of CDL's Rights Management
Group and its advisory group, the Data Elements Working Group. More
information on the CDL Rights Framework project is available at: