Everett et al.,
	I don't know if LC would import those records (volume title not in the 245 field per your explanation) or create new records.
	Under the June 1, 2006+ policy's guidelines, separate bibliographic records would be created for each volume; each record would have two 4XX fields (490 0# if the 040 $a is only DLC):  one for the multipart monograph title Konkordanz ...; one for the mono series title Hethitologie ...  The volumes will be classified separately.

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Judy and All :

Okay, I've tried to read through most of the LC series related questions
during the last couple of days *and* the FAQ document posted on the PCC
site. I may have missed it but I don't believe I have seen a response to
how LC would handle the following example following 6/1/06.

NYU recently received a multipart monograph title by Silvin Kosak
entitled 'Konkordanz der hethitischen Keilschrifttafeln.' It is a 5
volume set with each volume bearing a *slightly* different title, though
they all begin with the phrase 'Die Textfunde der Grabungen in Bogazkoy ...'

This multipart is issued as part of the series 'Hethitologie Portal
Mainz -- Materialien' which NYU submitted an SAR for this morning (no

My question is how LC would handle the individual volumes of this set?
In that the individual volumes bear loosely analyzable titles, this
resource does not appear to fall into the LC exceptions category for
numbered multipart monographs (both the series and the multipart volumes
bear numbering). Yet, bibliographically titles like this *scream* for
multipart treatment to me.

When I searched OCLC by the ISSN (1862-202X), I retrieved five
individual vendor bibliographic records (oddly, the 300 field describes
the resource as a multipart monograph, but the dates in the fixed fields
describe single-part resources; each bears an identical 245, a 440
series statement and a 505 contents note containing the volume title).  

Presumably, before June 1 these individual records would likely have
been consolidated into a multipart monograph description. I'm not clear
on how such titles will be handled by LC now though? Will LC import all
five of these records?

I searched the LC OPAC and they have not yet processed this title, so I
thought I would ask in hopes of clarifying for others how such resources
may start looking in our catalogs?



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