At 09:08 PM 7/15/2006, steven c wrote:

>One more thing...this "louder must be better" FM-signal attitude is based
>on one specific segment of the listening demographic...the,
>who put thousand-watt systems in their motor vehicles, turn the bass control
>as far up as it goes, and then demonstrate their "manhood" by cruising their
>cities playing the bass lines of "Urban Dance" hits to a kilometer-square
>audience through rolled-up windows (and deafening themselves in the process,
>so the high volume levels eventually become a necessity so they can hear

I don't think that's completely true. It predates the kilowatt mobile 
sound systems.

See "Loudness Trumps Everything" on p 421 of Journal of the Audio 
Engineering Society, Vol 54, No 5, 2006 May and relevant citations in 
the article.



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