On 03/07/06, Rod Stephens wrote:
> Hey Phillip,
> Are you tongue in cheek about the $140 player? If not, I'd like to
> know what brand/model it is. For that amount, I'd like to try SACD,
> especially if you say it sounds good.

The SACD player I am using is labelled Samsung.

It sounds good when used with a buffer amp (Musical Fidelity X-10 V3)
between it and the power amp. The problem with most cheap audio gear is
that the analog output stage is inadequate and has too high an output

A buffer amp with a high input impedance and low output impedance deals
with this.

Without the buffer, this player sounds rather hard and shrill, as do most CD

Many CD players allow you to use an external D to A converter, which has
some advantages. This is not possible with SACD. Even so, SACD is
clearly better than CD, on two speakers.

Don Cox
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