On 30/06/06, steven c wrote:

>> Hmmm - maybe there is a real 'forever' in this business. As things
>> are going, perhaps we should coin a new slogan: Music copyright is
>> forever.
> 1) Well, I have shellac discs approaching their first century that
> show no visible signs of degradation! Of course, "forever" for a
> shellac record implies it isn't dropped, stepped on, immersed in water
> for any significant length of time, exposed to ambient temperatures
> above about 120 degrees F or contacted by any alcohols...

Much the same as books. I have plenty of books that are well over 100
years old and still fully functional.
> 2) "Music copyright is forever" seems, so far, to apply only to the
> USA (though RRIA would like to see at least world-wide applicability,
> with that extending into outer space as necessary?!). In any case, it
> can only last as long as the US does (will the radioactive mutant
> cockroaches be able to play sound recordings eventually...?!)

They will run round and round with an antenna in the groove. Learned
discussions among academic cockroaches as to the correct running speed.

Don Cox
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