On 05/07/06, steven c wrote:

> Well, seeing as how the powers that be only saw fit to equip us with
> two ears per person, it would seem that anything over and above stereo
> would be least for humans!

That would be true if your head was clamped. 

But good mono made with a single microphone can be quite satisfying. I
would be interestred to hear an SACD made from mono tapes.
> The odd thing is that no one ever seemed to discover that a much more
> realitic-sounding recording could have been made if they had only used
> acoustically "live" spaces instead of relentlessly eliminating any
> trace of echo/reverberation! Listen to Waring's "Freshie"...which was
> cut in an acoustically live setting (probably much to Victor's
> dismay!) and as a result sounds very much like stereo. Our brains
> expect echoes and are set up to extract a lot of information
> all probability, our ancestors who could figure out
> which tree the bear was hiding behind survived to evolve, while those
> that couldn't didn't...

Yes. The live acoustic is one reason why the best recordings from the
late 1920s sound so vivid.

Don Cox
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