On 05/07/06, Tom Fine wrote:

> Regarding the comments about SACD vs. the CD layer on dual-layer
> discs, I have a strong suspicion that there's something different
> about how the CD layer is read by most CD players. I'm not sure if
> more error correction is going on or what, but I agree it does not
> sound very pleasing most of the time. Switching to CD layer on a
> multi-format player is a paluka test because those machines (usually
> DVD players) have known issues with CD audio format in many cases.
> They're optimized to read DVD's. Here's the only science I have on
> this -- if you put a dual-format SACD/CD disc in my Plextor Pro CD
> burner, and run Plextools, more errors show up than a regular
> commercial CD, including the older CD of the same material. If a good
> CD drive like a Plextor has trouble reading the CD layer of these
> discs, I'm assuming an audio player does too and hence the reports of
> bad sound quality. I state this as a theory because I don't have
> enough facts on it. I'm wondering if one of the lab guys on this list
> ever ran extensive readability tests on these discs.

One thing that is missing on all these digital players is an LED to
indicate when interpolation of uncorrectable errors is taking place.

However, I find the CD layer on the Living Stereo SACDs to be excellent,
certainly an improvement on the older CD reissues. The SACD layer
(two-channel) is noticeably better still.

Don Cox
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