A news article from a friend about 32 gig flash-based solid state hard 
drives. I don't have source reference for this, but here is a link to a 
recent article:

Pricey items at this point, but Moore's Law is still working for us. 
Something to watch for mobile computing tools.



Samsung announced the launch of PCs equipped with a 32-gigabyte NAND 
flash-based solid state disk (SSD), which it claims is a world first. The 
company also claims that this NAND flash-based disk technology will 
eventually lead to the replacement of hard disk drives.

This new technology marks the first time that NAND flash has moved into a 
commercial mobile computing application. The Samsung Q1, an ultra-mobile 
computing device, and the Q30, a 12.1-inch screen notebook PC, will be 
available in the Korean market beginning in early June.

The company says the data in flash memory is much more secure against 
external shocks that can occur when transporting a mobile computer. The SSD 
can withstand about twice the impact that would damage a regular hard disk 
drive. Also, stored data can be more easily retrieved from flash memory 
than traditional hard drives when PCs are dropped or liquid is spilled on 
the device.


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