My local favorite is KSDS - Jazz 88.3 broadcast from the campus of San 
Diego City College. They have been broadcasting jazz (yes, real jazz) 24/7 
for the past 30 years or so. Every Tuesday evening since 1977 they have 
broadcast a live performance show called "Jazz Live". On July 25, the show 
will feature pianist and singer Floyd Dixon and will honor my friend Lou 
Curtiss who has hosted his Sunday evening radio show "Jazz Roots" for 20 
years now. By the way, they webcast 24/7 also at

Just click on the "Listen Now" link.



>There might very well be one. They are scattered all over, tiny little
>stations with low watt transmitters generally, although some have fairly
>strong signals - you can pick up WAIF on the outskirts of Cincinnati even a
>little better than in the city. There is WFMU in NYC, which is by no means a
>small player in the game. The politics of many of these stations tend to
>veer to the left, which is one reason why they don't get listened to as much
>as maybe they should. Music programming is all over the map, and you might
>tune in one time and hear something you really, really hate, but on the same
>station there might be some old timer spinning records from the 1920s, say,
>on a Sunday afternoon.
>Jerry Fabris, on this list, has an excellent show on WFMU, which plays
>records from the Edison National Historic Site. I love it and listen to it
>when I can.
>I was hoping to find some single listing of all the various "community" (i.e
>as opposed to "public") radio venues, but there isn't one. There is a
>listing at the NFCB (National Foundation of Community Broadcasters) site,
>but not all stations are necessarily members of this organization - WCBN and
>WFMU are not, for example. It doesn't matter now as to low wattage - if you
>have a web-stream, that levels the playing field, as anyone with a computer
>can listen to the programming.
>These stations, in a lot of cases, have been around for decades, a leftover
>from the 60s and 70s approach to expanding access to media in the public
>interest. The RIAA have not come after us full-bore quite yet - I don't know
>the details, but right now a decision as how to collect from stations like
>WCBN is tabled. We're such small potatoes, raising our own money from
>donations and a slim amount of underwriting, that it isn't a priority. And
>it is a problem in terms of enforcing the DMCA; a fair number of community
>stations are based on Indian Reservations, and to pay to the RIAA the
>equivalent of what they want could consume the entire revenue stream for an
>Indian station for a calendar year, and he government didn't want to do
>that. So now the decision is on hold.
>We have set up a system whereby we record every music track played into a
>database, so if they come calling, we're ready. So far as I know, no one has
>shown up from the RIAA or any other concern at WCBN just yet. Is there
>anyone else on this list who volunteers on community radio?
>By the way, my show airs every other Thursday morning from 6-9am ET at
>I do it next week, my collaborator Keith Larsen does it this week, and he
>also plays a lot of obscure stuff. I'm hoping to sign him up with ARSC this
>year as he is very interested in attending the Wisconsin conference.
>David N. Lewis
>Assistant Classical Editor, All Music Guide
>My life is the clearest proof that if you have talent, determination and
>luck, you will make it in the end: Never Give Up. - Sir Georg Solti
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>How do these stations afford to pay the yearly royalties to ASCAP and BMI?
>Very curious -- and sure
>wish there was one in this neck of the woods!
>-- Tom Fine
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>I'm a community volunteer radio programmer on WCBN-FM 88.3 in Ann Arbor,
>based out of the University of Michigan. Many might feel that this is "there
>for the grace of God go I" type radio, but I have been on community radio,
>off and on, for a period of nearly 28 years - I was on WAIF-FM Cincinnati
>for many years before I joined WCBN.
>If you show up, have a broadcast license and can operate the gear, then they
>don't worry about what you play, as long as there's no foul language.
>Musically you can play practically anything. We do play a lot of classical
>music on the station, it takes up roughly half of my bi-weekly three-hour
>program, and others will even mix it in with the pop, jazz and other things
>that they play.
>My program is on the web, and I have listeners both locally and abroad. I
>get fan email from places like Taiwan and Scotland.
>David N. Lewis
>Assistant Classical Editor, All Music Guide
>1168 Oak Valley Dr.
>Ann Arbor, MI 48108
>734 887 8145
>My life is the clearest proof that if you have talent, determination and
>luck, you will make it in the end: Never Give Up. - Sir Georg Solti


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