KSDS a couple of years ago, not long after they began webcasting, suddenly 
"ceased and desisted" their webcast over a slew of concerns that were 
arising in the webcasting community over just this issue (about RIAA). 
Apparently the issue was, at least temporarily, resolved to their 
satisfaction because they resumed their webcasting after a few months. I 
sincerely hope that this issue does not ultimately spell the death of 
community radio being able to stream on the Internet!


>Streaming a radio station on the Internet opens up a whole different set 
>of royalty obligations. That's where the RIAA get involved. Ultimately, 
>streaming audio services (both radio stations and independents) will have 
>to pay for the right to use recordings, but the amount, and the mechanics 
>of collecting and distributing payments remain to be determined.
>John Ross


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