On 12/07/06, steven c wrote:

> Well, I've got mould growing on my bread...mould growing on my
> bathroom ceiling...all I need is mouldy casstettes...!
>> Let's hope that no one ever does breed effective "'plastic'-loving
>> organisms" to deal with "waste disposal" until someone else has
>> already developed effective "alternate" energy sources. As plastics
>> are made of petrochemicals, any "plastic-loving" organism would
>> likely be very happy gobbling down oil. I pay enough for gas as it is
>> without some critter eating up what is left!
> If no one has written a science-fiction work based on that as a plot,
> somebody ought to!

As oil has been around for millions of years, I think if it was possible
for a mould or bacterium to grow on it, such a beast would have evolved
long ago.

There is always some oil seepage on the surface, and some bacteria live
deep underground, so they have access.

Don Cox
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