From another folk music list comes this mention of a program that will 
feature 78s (probably reissues, I don't know) of Balkan music - I don't 
know the artists but the station is an excellent example of a community 
and college station that trains, programs, and generally serves the 
community in Seattle. It was the mention of 78s that made me want to 
share this. I listen to KBCS whenever I'm in Seattle, and maybe 
conference attendees heard it...


quoting the program announcement:

Recently, while in Seattle, Tamburas, Nick Skertich of the famous
Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra was interviewed by Peter Graff on
KBCS's "The Old Country". Nick shares stories of playing tamburitza 
with his brothers and shares cuts from the original Skertich Brothers
recordings originally released by Columbia Records on 78RPM and some of
his recent tone-on-tone recordings. Don't miss it this Sunday, July 23 

KBCS radio is 93.1FM in the Seattle area, or listen online at