Tom Fine wrote:

> this is probably the email equiv of peeing in the wind, but I think there's a difference between a
> true collector and an accumulator. The guy with thousands of records acquired indescriminately and
> stacked willy-nilly in a wet basement is not preserving or indeed able to enjoy any of that. The
> person who buys carefully, takes care of his perhaps much smaller collection and stores them
> properly is able to get constant enjoyment, know what he has and perhaps pass it all on to his
> offspring or a collection or library. The other guy, he'll die when a big pile falls on him or his
> cat knocks a pile onto him and once his body gets discovered a month later, the house will need to
> be dynamited because it's a health hazard! Ok, well maybe not that grim -- but close.
> -- Tom Fine

Don't laugh....a Toronto collector died in January in his CAR because his house was too filled with
records to allow habitation, the heat and water were off, the basement had flooded the previous year
when a pipe burst, and a few of us have been picking up gems from his massive and very eclectic
collection over the last couple of months. The house has been sold, but it probably will have to be
torn down because of weakened walls and floors.

And my cat knows better. Steve Barr's probably does as well.