Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
> Good question.I never paid too much attention to Seeger.I mean I recognize his importantance,as a historical figure,of American dissent,but I never liked his music.(I don't particularly care for folk music as a whole.)I had always thought,he stuck with Folkways,for the same reason Decca dropped The Weavers.Meaning ,after the HUAC hearings,no other label wanted to touch him.Am I correct ?
> Roger  Kulp 

I snapped this thread off some dozen posts back, but for some reason 
picked it up again here. It's not at all clear that Pete wanted a solo 
career by then. I had known of his work only slightly until 1956-57 when 
the first Vanguard album of The Weavers came out. My ignorance is 
evident from my taking it along - first day of sale and all - for a 
Peggy Seeger hootenanny. She was very gracious but not very interested.

That summer, Pete was responsible for the entertainment at an adult camp 
just down the hill from Yerkes Observatory where I had an assistantship. 
We didn't get much astronomy done that week, but with the daily concerts 
and evenings around the fire, there was no talk of further solo work. 
(Incidentally, the concerts were not of Pete. For example, William 
Warfield's conccert exposed me to my second classical singer in person.)

The Weavers had returned with success and he was clearly happy about 
that. Of course, Lee's illness and then his death pretty well wrapped 
that up. Ronnie Gilbert tried to go solo - I have and enjoy her hommage 
to Bessie Smith on RCA LP - but I had and have the feeling that Pete 
really was a private person inside and enjoyed making music with his 
friends but little more. He made an occasional appearance for a cause, 
but that was about it.

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