I agree with Tom, I vowed never to be an "accumulator." Naturally, acquiring records is like panning for gold. There's a lot of soot and dirt (i.e. Ken Griffin, "Near You" by Francis Craig) that has to be sorted through before striking the occasional nugget, so one has to occasionally buy collections in order to get the good stuff. The trick is how to filter out the garbage and get rid of it - quickly - so it doesn't take root in your house and spread like a fungus. What good is a collection if the material is inaccessible, even by its owner? You owe it to the music to make sure you know what you have and how to find it.  
Cary Ginell
Sound Thinking Music Research
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 You know,I have gotten similar comments,from my mother,about how this is going 
to happen to me.Living with a noncollector,is not always a happy experience.In 
spite of the fact,my collection,is much smaller than it was a few years ago.I 
got rid of all my jazz.I lost all interest in it,and needed to make room.It 
wasn't easy to sell it off.Blue Notes,and early Prestiges,aside,the jazz market 
has moved in inverse proportion,to that of the classical market.
  Roger Kulp

Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  this is probably the email equiv of peeing in the wind, but I think there's a 
difference between a 
true collector and an accumulator. The guy with thousands of records acquired 
indescriminately and 
stacked willy-nilly in a wet basement is not preserving or indeed able to enjoy 
any of that. The 
person who buys carefully, takes care of his perhaps much smaller collection and 
stores them 
properly is able to get constant enjoyment, know what he has and perhaps pass it 
all on to his 
offspring or a collection or library. The other guy, he'll die when a big pile 
falls on him or his 
cat knocks a pile onto him and once his body gets discovered a month later, the 
house will need to 
be dynamited because it's a health hazard! Ok, well maybe not that grim -- but 

-- Tom Fine

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> From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad
> Lou Judson wrote:
>> What really hurts about the collectro is the six foot high STACK of
>> records - just umagine the dust impressed on the gooves of the bottom
>> record. This kind of thing makes me wince... But obviously this is not
>> a listener, just a collectro.
> ----- this is the only case where the vinyl-saving profile is a blessing in
> disguise: the groove area is retracted, and the weight is carried by the rim
> and label area, so there is a huge chance that nothing gets impressed. Not so
> with good, old solid and plane 180 gram records.
> Kind regards,
> George 

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