Hi All,

Thanks to Phillip and Tom for input on the units below.  I've done some 
follow up research on Epinions and came up with these evaluations on 
both units.

Tom Fine wrote:

> Hi Rod:
> Toshiba used to make an incredible little unit. I think they got out 
> of the SACD business. The Toshiba I have, model #SD-4960, plays SACD 
> quite well (not quite as well as my Marantz player, but this thing 
> cost less than 1/3 as much), DVD's very well and audio CD surprisingly 
> well (ie they didn't cheap out on the D-A converter or the analog 
> stage after it). I bought it after reading a very good review 
> somewhere. I think it cost $120 on sale, perhaps on sale because it 
> was being phased out.

Tom, I'm sure that this was a good unit for you, but it seems to have 
laid an egg for some who have purchased it more recently:

I appreciated your general comments below on SACDs in general, but it 
looks like the Panasonic that Phillip recommended seems to currently win 
out on both cost an user appreciation:

However, I'm still checking out the competition.

Thanks again to both of you for your input.

Rod Stephens

> I am not 100% on this, but the impression I got is that SACD laid an 
> egg in the mass market and thus lower-end multi-format players are not 
> including in this latest year or last year's models.
> My own opinion is that some SACD discs sound really wonderful, and 
> some multi-channel mixes are worthwhile but overall it's not worth a 
> lot of extra expense (particularly since it's a submerging format) and 
> there wouldn't even have been a window of opportunity if there were 
> better CD mastering and remastering engineers out there. And, since 
> the same guys also do SACD, the same percentage of SACD releases are 
> really excellent (ie small percentage).
> One man's opinion, etc.
> -- Tom Fine