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>> Hmmm - maybe there is a real  'forever' in this business. As things
>> are going, perhaps we should  coin a new slogan: Music copyright is
>> forever.
> 1) Well, I have shellac discs approaching their first century  that
> show no visible signs of degradation! Of course, "forever" for  a
> shellac record implies it isn't dropped, stepped on, immersed in  water
> for any significant length of time, exposed to ambient  temperatures
> above about 120 degrees F or contacted by any  alcohols...

Much the same as books. I have plenty of books that are  well over 100
years old and still fully functional.
> 2)  "Music copyright is forever" seems, so far, to apply only to the
> USA  (though RRIA would like to see at least world-wide applicability,
> with  that extending into outer space as necessary?!). In any case, it
> can  only last as long as the US does (will the radioactive mutant
>  cockroaches be able to play sound recordings  eventually...?!)

The longevity of 78s and that of cockroaches is a worthy topic, since the  
shellac of the former is from a distent relative of the latter.
Don Chichester