Marie Azile O'Connell wrote:

> I was told yesterday by a fellow paper archivist, that her father worked for
> Sony up until about 10 years ago.  She assured me that her Father has often
> told the story of when they, Sony, ran out of tape stock.  Apparantly, they
> would buy up great lots of Radio Shack tape and re-house it into Sony cases.
> An interesting twist, if true.
> Cheers
> Marie

Lenny Bruce told the story of working on a farm as a kid, where they sold the
eggs laid by the hens..when they didn't have enough, Lenny would be deputized to
go to the market and buy store-boughten ones which they'd then put in their own
containers, after first making sure to rub them in chicken guano. The customers
always raved about how fresh the eggs were.

Oh wait a minute, that's the same story.