Guys, check Amazon, Tower Records and Universal's own websites carefully. Some of this Eastman 
material was definitely released. I'm too busy to check the whole series, but most material that 
Hanson and Fennell recorded in stereo up to 1964 was released. Including Hanson's "The Composer and 
His Orchestra," which was released as a 2CD set. I do not know what is out of print at this point.

For what it's worth, Tower used to be the easiest interface to find Mercury titles.

Also note that Universal has reissued many of the out-of-print titles as part of 4- and 5-CD 
"budget-priced" sets. For instance, all the Kubelik monos.

I, too, would like to see more of the mono era material reissued at some point, but it's unlikely to 
happen due to economics. To my ears, the mono material definitely works very well in a car or 
through headphones when outside. 1 mic, what a concept!

-- Tom Fine

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> On Tue, 11 Jul 2006, David Lewis wrote:
>> Well, I may represent the "limited interest" faction, but I was certainly
>> waiting to see certain Hanson recordings come along - mainly Griffes' Kubla
>> Khan, the Loeffler and Sessions' "Black Maskers." To this day, I keep a reel
>> tape version on hand of "Maskers" just so if I want to program it on my
>> radio show, I can make a transfer. I would have thought these things,
>> although monaurally recorded, considerable to make the "cut," but umusic, I
>> guess, knows better than me, a mere consumer and (god forbid!) critic.
> And the Piston 3rd Symphony with Hanson, music of Triggs, Gould,
> Taylor, Keller, Barlow, Cowell, Hovhaness, Donovan, Porter, LoPresti, etc.
> plus the mono Wind Ensemble recordings, music of Piston, Schuman, Mennin, etc. and
> the stuff they did for other labels...Hanson's piano concerto w. Firkusny
> And other Mercury things like the Copland Third w. Dorati...which, along
> with the Szell broadcast, one of my favorite Copland recordings.
> Which reminds me of a question...Mercury released a disc of the music of
> William Schuman MG 10088. It featured Judith and Undertow. Does anyone
> know if that version of Judith was the same as the one released on the
> Louisville label? Also, does anyone know the history of that one
> Louisville Orchestra recording on Mercury?
> There was at least one disc, Hanson's Centennial Ode, issued by
> Eastman...
> I would love to reissue all of those wonderful recordings...anyone know a
> contact? It would seem that a set of these things, perhaps with some
> Hanson interviews, and recollections of others would be a wonderful
> project...sure to lose money, but that's why I made my label a non-profit.
> Karl