Hey Phillip,

Are you tongue in cheek about the $140 player?  If not, I'd like to know 
what brand/model it is.  For that amount, I'd like to try SACD, 
especially if you say it sounds good.

Rod Stephens

P.S. I've got a Best Buy up the road even though we're a small town.

phillip holmes wrote:

> Hey Tom,
> Stop picking on me.  And the CD player cost $140.  And I got it from 
> Best Buy.  It also plays SACD and DVDA pretty good.  Actually, the 
> SACD playback is fantastic for what it is.  I still don't think this 
> CD thing is going to make it.  MP3 is going to rule.  All you suckers 
> who adopted CD are going to be like all those early adopters of 
> stereo.  The joke's on you losers!
> Besides, I got my $10,000 turntable for 1/3 of MSRP.  I'm no sucker!
> Phillip (tongue in cheek, if you couldn't tell).
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>> Yes, this whole fingerprint thing reminds me of the audiophool with 
>> the $10K record player and the $50 Chinese Wal-Mart CD player 
>> claiming LPs "always" sound better and CDs "always" sound "terrible."
>> For what it's worth, I borrow, play and sometimes make personal-use 
>> copies of circulated library CD's and DVD's all the time. We're 
>> talking fingerprints galore and scratches to boot, plus usually some 
>> sort of off-center stick-on library label to potentially effect 
>> playback mechanics.  Never had a problem, using typical consumer DVD 
>> players and Plextor drives in the computer. I had a DVD last week 
>> ("Battle of Algiers" -- superb movie, highly recommended, DVD reissue 
>> is excellent) that had a pinhole chunk chipped out of the edge. It 
>> played perfectly -- I tested every bit of the DVD because I was 
>> curious if there was a data problem from the chunk. It was all 
>> scratched up too.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> Moving away from opinions, our testing laboratory has conducted 
>>> tests on
>>> both CD and DVD discs containing such defects, both of our own 
>>> fabrication
>>> and obtained from Philips Laboratories. Results are as described in my
>>> initial contribution.
>>> Simple fingerprints should never interfere with playback unless the 
>>> read
>>> drive is of very poor quality. The real risk of fingerprints is in 
>>> the oils
>>> from the body. Those of each person are distinct, and some can 
>>> degrade discs
>>> over an extended period of time.
>>> Jerry
>>> Media Sciences, Inc.
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>>>> That is part of the hype.  You try it.  I know from experience that a
>>>> simple finger print will mess up playback on either CD or DVD.  I
>>>> don't know where the notion of a whole in the CD/DVD being
>>>> recoverable comes from but it's definitely nonsense.
>>>> Alex
>>>> On Jul 2, 2006, at 5:31 PM, phillip holmes wrote:
>>>> >> CD and DVD error detection and correction algorithms will "play"
>>>> >> discs with
>>>> >> 2 mm diameter holes. Some DVD systems require a 6 mm defect before
>>>> >> data loss
>>>> >> occurs, and the problem is then loss of servo lock by the read
>>>> >> drive. Can
>>>> >> 78s do this?