David Lennick wrote:

> Here's more heresy..much as I love the recordings of the past, I wish FM stations wouldn't play them because their limiters do horrible things to them. Last year one of the jocks at the Rochester station played an old Vanguard reissue of the Nutcracker Suite and the tape hiss was three times as loud as the music. Do web broadcasters have this problem? I rarely have the time to listen on the Internet.
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Adding fuel to this..last night I was in Rochester NY and heard the most gawdawful sound coming from my radio for twenty minutes. It was a recording of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, recorded in concert (in the 60s?) by the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, it was very badly miked, and WXXI's compressors brought up every single noise from the audience, every cough (the entire first section of the suite was cough city) and shuffle and bang and footstep, and the whole thing sounded as if it was recorded in a high school cafeteria while they were clearing the dishes and stacking the trays. Somebody needs to notify that station that AAD recordings should be closely checked off an
air monitor, and if engineering can't modify the problem, they need to prune their library. There's no excuse for this kind of sound.


> Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
> > Dave,I find this facinating.As one of those with "limited interest",the classical record(ing)s I listen to were mostly done,between 1925,and 1965.Classical radio,a dying sector of the broadcast market,itself a dying industry,thanks to web downloads, tends to forget there were even recordings made,before the mid 80s,or so.So how do you get away with playing stuff like mono Mercury ? (Many of which,I prefer to the stereos... the heresey! )
> >    I do not own a car,so I have often had to carry my thrift shop/flea market purchases with me,when I go from digging for vinyl/shellac,to the supermarket,etc. .)On one such occasion,I ran into the morning guy,since canned/"retired",from the local classical station.He started a conversation,and confirmed my suspicions,that the corporate owners of the station,refused to allow any pre-digital recordings to be played,because they said it was bad for ratings,and it was an unstated policy,to program/push new recordings.Something about they weren't there to expose people to the best recordings/performances,just to provide pleasant background music,to keep the sponsors happy.
> >    So how do you pull this off ?
> >     Roger Kulp
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> > David Lewis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >   Dave Lewis:
> >
> > Well, I may represent the "limited interest" faction, but I was certainly
> > waiting to see certain Hanson recordings come along - mainly Griffes' Kubla
> > Khan, the Loeffler and Sessions' "Black Maskers." To this day, I keep a reel
> > tape version on hand of "Maskers" just so if I want to program it on my
> > radio show, I can make a transfer. I would have thought these things,
> > although monaurally recorded, considerable to make the "cut," but umusic, I
> > guess, knows better than me, a mere consumer and (god forbid!) critic.  David N. Lewis
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