That was what I thought.I sort of remembered that,after I sent the email.I haven't listened to one of his records,in years.I have always thought it was a great loss,when he stopped making records,to go back to teaching.
  Roger Kulp

Language Archives <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  It was the intro to "National Brotherhood Week" on the record _That 
was the year that was_. He is mentioning various "worthy causes" that 
have celebratory weeks, and mentions National Make Fun of the 
Handicapped Week, "which Frank Fontaine and Jerry Lewis are in charge 
of, as you know."


Barbara Need
Manager, Archivist

At 17:24 -0700 19/7/06, Lou Judson wrote:
>Yes, it was a rap between songs, introducing That Was The Week That 
>Was, I think. Talking about how there is a week to celebrate the 
>most amazing things... quoting from memory...
>On Jul 19, 2006, at 5:02 PM, Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
>>No problem.I can't recall the Tom Lehrer,of which you speak,was 
>>this in a between-song monologue ? The internet is a very public 
>>place,you never know who you're going to run into,or under what 
>>circumstances.There's all sorts of us "abbynormals" out there,
>>Roger Kulp
>>Lou Judson wrote:
>>But then, I was a fan of Tom Lehrer, and didn't he mention National
>>Make fun of the handicapped week? My mouth twists wryly even mentioning
>>it. I meant no offense to anyone!

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