Hear, Hear Geeta!  Plains FM, a Community Radio Station in Christchurch, NZ, is
exceptionally good.  They were, in my day, run by people with a vision of good
broadcasting and excellent equipment.  Are they online yet?

I hope and trust they remain , just that, today.  They were the voice of the
people - the stuff that the bigger stations wouldn't touch.  Infact, all radio
began like that before the Government go invovled.  

Over here, I have heard some terrible radio stations (momentarily, granted), but
I will not listen to crap, especially when I am not working.   

I have also heard some very good community stations - my recommendation is -
stop compressing the hell out of clipping is nasty and sounds
worse on the wireless/car radio - drive-time!

Today is my last day at USM and am off to LA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>more
drive-time, or decent CD's;-)


Quoting Geeta Jatania <[log in to unmask]>:

> I think it's important to take into account that community radio can only be
> as good as the resourcing that it's provided with.
> The station may not have sufficient funds to purchase quality equipment or
> even maintain it adequately.  Also, people who broadcast are often amateurs
> and may not have been given correct training in using equipment.
> I was fortunate enough to have worked in arguably the best community radio
> station in New Zealand (Plains FM 96.9).  The reasons for its success were
> that it was set up by experienced broadcasters and supported by qualified
> technicians.  It also was dedicated to giving the community a voice.  The
> ecclectic variety of programme content was well balanced with a dedication
> from staff to provide training for broadcasters to attain and maintain a
> standard.  Furthermore, Plains FM successfully sought sufficient funding to
> provide quality equipment to broadcast with.  
> Unfortunately not all stations are lucky enough to have such a successful
> formula.  I think we should be mindful that many stations have limited
> funding and might not have the means to use a high standard of equipment or
> to train amateur broadcasters how to use equipment properly. Also it may be
> difficult for them to monitor the quality of sound going to air. 
> Perhaps some constructive feedback to the station might help the announcers
> improve their technique.
> cheers
> Geeta Jatania
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> I just tuned in for the past two minutes, and heard sevral of my pet 
> peeves about community radio - low voiced announcers who don't turn up 
> their mic, squeaky studio chairs, and music ten times louder than the 
> voice... but the sound is good and the music fine!
> Tell Sara Finke to speak up a bit - and don't start sentences with 
> "And" if she can.
> Thanks for the link, these are really petty problems. If the music is 
> good one can ignore the announcers... when they are too soft.
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> On Jul 13, 2006, at 11:31 AM, H. Duane Goldman wrote:
> > I urge all to visit one the the finest independent radio stations in 
> > the country:  KDHX in St. Louis; 
> >  

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