If you scroll down the list on the youtube site to the "Fxxx you Sony" 
video, you'll see another version of the syndrome... pathetic.

What really hurts about the clloectrois the six foot high STACK of 
records - just umagine the dust impressed on the gooves of the bottom 
record. This kind of thing makes me wince... But obviously this is not 
a listener, just a collectro.


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Jul 18, 2006, at 7:50 AM, Jonathan Wise wrote:

> The following information about Asperger's Syndrome may be of interest
> to anyone who has followed Steve Ramm's link to YouTube's "world's
> greatest collectro":
> Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological disorder that is part of a
> group of diagnoses called "autistic spectrum disorders." The term
> "autistic spectrum" refers to a range of developmental disabilities 
> that
> includes autism as well as other disorders with similar 
> characteristics.
> The following are a number of signs and symptoms that might be
> associated with Asperger's Syndrome:
> -inappropriate or minimal social interactions
> -conversations almost always revolving around self rather than others
> -"scripted," "robotic," or repetitive speech
> -lack of "common sense"
> -problems with reading, math, or writing skills
> -obsession with complex topics such as patterns or music
> -average to above-average verbal cognitive abilities
> -average to below-average nonverbal cognitive abilities
> -awkward movements
> -odd behaviors or mannerisms
> Source:
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
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> The same site brought up this. It's hilarious!!
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