National Recording Preservation Board staff receive the public nominations and make them results available to members of the National Recording Preservation Board for consideration during the annual deliberations.

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And,out of curiosity,who would the recpient of this email be ?
Roger Kulp

Stephen C Leggett <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Oops. The ongoing merging of audio-visual media has done a bad meld on my brain apparently.  I should of course have said:  You can nominate recordings for the National Recording Registry without charge via email. Info at:

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Not  related,but a question all the same : Does a $35 basic membership,allow 
you to  vote on the important recordings registry ?
Roger  Kulp


ARSC Members don't vote on the REgistry. ARSC is honored that two of it's  
Executive Committee members (Current President Sam Brylawski and Bill Klinger)  
were invited to sit on the LOC Advisory Board. They can provide more info but 
-  if I understand it correctly - no one VOTES on the list and ANYONE can 
recommend  recordings to be included.

That said, your $36.00 (not $35., sorry) dues permit you to Vote for ARSC  
Officers. It also allows you to join a Committee and get involved (which is how  
Bill and Sam got on the Advisory Board.). There are lots of Committees to 
join  and it makes being an ARSC member more than just "receiving the Journals 
and  Newsletters".

Steve Ramm
ARSC Treasurer

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