John Ross's comment regarding the recordings produced by  Ken Goldstein is incorrect - my recollection was that
he worked as producer for the companies (Stinson, Riverside, Prestige, etc.) and did not produce sessions independently
of those sponsors.  The exception is field recordings done in connection with his folkmusic/lore studies - some of these (such
as the Lucy Stewart recordings on Folkways) were made available to interested record companies.

Following is a copy of correspondence from Rochelle Goldstein, Ken's wife:

Subject: Re: Kenneth S Goldstein record producer REPLY
Dear Tom,
Your take on the record productions is correct.  John Ross is mistaken to say that Kenny 
produced any recordings independently.  He always worked for the record companies at a stipend to produce the recordings.  He had no further financial interests in the recording industry.  The Harry & Jeannie West recordings were done for Stinson (in the early '50's, as I remember).  Kenny introduced many performers to the recording industry, but had no personal financial involvement.  As a matter of interest, the reissuing of recordings that Kenny edited (ie: Woody Guthrie, Richard Dyer-Bennett, Burl Ives. Leadbelly), were paid at the magnificent fee of $5/album,  (which included Kenny painstakingly transcribing the words).  How's that for financial reward?
......... Rochelle

Best wishes, Thomas.

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From:         John Ross
Subject:      Re: Harry & Jeanie West

At  7/10/2006 09:26 AM, you wrote:
>>produced by Kenneth S. Goldstein for Bob Harris-Stinson Records.
>>outtakes issued by Topic =??? (statement in OH liner notes, unverified
>>no H&JW recordings listed in Topic discography)

It is my understanding that Ken Goldstein produced many of his 
recordings independently, and sold them separately to Topic in the UK 
and to Stinson, Riverside, Prestige and other labels in the U.S. In 
some cases, he packaged material from the same sessions differently 
for the separate releases. It's possible that he tried to sell some 
H&J West stuff  to Topic, but it was never released.

John Ross