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	The IFLA Cataloguing Section invites you to review the draft of "ISBD: International Standard Bibliographic Description - 2006 consolidated edition."

	In the early 1990s, IFLA's Division of Bibliographic Control set up a Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR). Following adoption of the Study Group's recommendations, the ISBD Review Group was charged to initiate a full-scale review of the ISBDs. The objective of this project was to ensure conformity between the provisions of the ISBDs and FRBR's data requirements for the "basic level national bibliographic record" (BLNBR). Work was completed on several of the ISBDs in pursuit of this goal. However, in the course of this project, the ISBD Review Group decided to investigate an alternative approach, one that would concentrate on integration of the various ISBDs into a consolidated edition.

	Consequently, in 2003, the Review Group established the Study Group on Future Directions of the ISBDs. The Study Group determined that it was both feasible and useful to integrate the specialized ISBDs into one ISBD. The primary advantage of having a consolidated ISBD is seen as improved coordination of updating provisions as changes are identified for implementation. A consolidated edition will make it possible to make changes that are applicable to different types of resources and that previously could be made in only one ISBD at a time to apply to all types of resources at the same time. In response, the ISBD Review Group charged the Study Group to proceed to prepare a definitive text, and the result is now ready for World-Wide Review.

	For more information and for a link to the draft, see the invitation to comment posted on IFLANET (

	Comments are due to Elena Escolano Rodriguez (chair, ISBD Review Group; [log in to unmask]) and Dorothy McGarry (chair, Study Group on Future Directions of the ISBDs; [log in to unmask]) by October 15, 2006.

			Judy Kuhagen
			Chair, IFLA Cataloguing Section

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