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To PCC Institutions, especially the stats-keepers:

The PCC stats page carries a variety of reports of members' record contributions.

Following the posting of FY2006 midyear stats covering October 1, 2005 - March 30, 2006, we have resumed the practice of posting monthly stats reports.  Our new Access database gives us the option of providing the same comprehensive report showing all categories for each library, but counting only one month's work.

One purpose of posting these monthly reports is to allow members to monitor their own contributions toward their annual program goals.  As we approach the end of this fiscal year, you are invited to check your progress and to contact me if you have questions.

There are a few factors that may be helpful to know:
 1.  We posted a JUNE 2006 report about July 21 that gives incomplete data for our NACO contributors.  Sorry about that!  We will try to fix and repost next week.
2.   Early deadlines here at LC for PCC Annual Reports usually move up the last BIBCO/CONSER user-generated reporting event.  Please submit your reports as usual in the first week after July and the first week after August.  We expect to announce one more drop-dead date later in September for the final FY2006 stats.  All other records you should save for the coming FY2007.
3.  SACO proposals that have been approved by the editorial process by our deadline in mid or late September will count for FY2006.
4.  NACO records are one-month different by design:  Your August 1-31, 2006 records will be the final group of NACO numbers in the FY2006 stats.  All September 2006 NACO records will count toward FY2007.

Thanks for your help.  
Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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