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Z56.G818 1971     ELAM        121054      Gregg shorthand   Gregg
Division, McGraw-Hill   Gregg, John Robert; Leslie, Louis A.; Zoubek,
Charles E.; Rader, Charles.   1971

Z250.6.B5C6 1972  ELAM        369127      CBE style manual. Published
for the Council of Biology Editors by the American Institute of
Biological Sciences           1972

Z253.U69 1982     ELAM        8283180     Chicago manual of style : for
authors, editors, and copywriters.  University of Chicago Press,

Z5862.2.W3C35a    ELAM  1976,1977,1979-1982     3439874     Water
Pollution Control Directorate
publications Les publications de la Direction generale de la pollution
des eaux.   The Directorate,        1975

Z5862.2.W3C36 1981      ELAM        8765807     Water Pollution Control
Directorate publications = Les publications de la Direction generale de
la lutte contre la pollution des eaux.    Environment Canada,
Environmental Protection Service,         1981

Z5862.2.W3R47 1978      ELAM        11786016    Reports issued under the
Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement 1972 : a bibliography.
International Joint Commission, Great Lakes Regional Office,

Z5862.2.W3U54     ELAM        414572      Bibliography of water quality
research reports.             1972

Z5863.P7U5  ELAM        6868260     Bibliography of Region V numbered
reports : a complete listing with title index / U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency, Region V,        1980

Z5942.C68 no. 415 ELAM        664325      National environmental policy
act of 1969 (P.L. 91-190): bibliography on impact assessment methods and
legal considerations    Council of Planning Librarians}     Ditton,
Robert B.   1973

Z5942.C68 no.565  ELAM        862304      Sonic environment and human
behavior.   Council of Planning Librarians,     Bartholomew, Robert.

Z6034.U49U5 ELAM  1964-present      1768429     Publications of the
Geological Survey U.S. G.P.O.,            1934

Z6034.U5M56 ELAM        2011484     Index of the geology of Michigan,
1823-1955.  Speaker-Hines & Thomas, State printers,   Martin, Helen
Mandeville; Straight, Muriel Tara   1956

Z7164.N3K78 ELAM        3205717     World remote sensing bibliographic
index : a comprehensive geographic index bibliography to remote sensing
site investigations of natural and agricultural resources throughout the
world Tensor Industries,      Krumpe, Paul F.   1976

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