Colleagues:  Please excuse any cross-posting.
There is a significant push in federal government to begin using blogs,
wikis as collaborative tools.  The use in the intelligence community has
been especially encouraging since this is an attempt to reach outside the
community.  See the recent GCN story and editorial.  ("Intel Forum Breaks
New Ground"   June 26, 2006
<>   "Editor's Desk: Smart use of
new tools" July 3, 2006
<> )
You will certainly benefit from attendance at this session.

Collaborative Expedition Workshop 52
Tuesday, July 18, 2006, 8:30 a.m.
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd, Stafford I Building, Room 1235
Arlington, VA
Open Collaboration: Networking Wiki Information Technology
for Information Sharing and Knowledge Management
Purpose / Description  
Participants will explore opportunities for multi-disciplinary and
community-based collaboration around national challenges. By drawing on
strategic leadership and "best practices" underway in the geospatial area,
participants will learn how to conduct open collaboration in their own
settings. Presentations will illustrate exemplary collaboration that is
transforming geospatial information technology today. Growing Communities of
Practice will benefit from knowledge-sharing including:

*	COLAB: Collaborative Work Environment Community Wiki 

*	open standards development 

*	web-based collaboration environments 

*	ontologies for efficient information-sharing and semantic

*	Federal Enterprise Architecture Data Reference Model V2.0 and the
SICoP Knowledge Reference Model Implementation in Wikis and Semantic Wikis 

*	Community to national scale needs and applications


*	See Collaboration Wiki: 

*	Check in and badges: Main NSF (Stafford I), 4201 Wilson Blvd. Laptop
Scan: Room 357 NSF Boardroom: Room 1235 

*	Lunch: On your own for lots of eating places in area - food can be
eaten in meeting rooms.

 Upcoming Events :

*	July 26th - Special Sessions on Networking EA and KM at FCW

 See  <>

*	Is your Wiki part of your content development and management
strategy? If so, what role does it play? 

*	What do you see as the essential elements of a good charter for a
Government Wiki? 

*	What are the key components of a quality set of guidelines for
community participation? 

*	Based on your experience in planning and operating a Wiki, what are
the problems to avoid? 

*	What are your concerns about Wikis? 

*	Are there aspects of current Wiki technology that you find
inadequate for meeting your needs? 

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Welcome and Overview:

*	8:40 am - Workshop Organizers 

*	9:00 am - Introductions: What are your interests in light of the
workshop purpose?

Keynote: Wikis Changing Agency Culture for Information Sharing 

*	9:30 am - D. Calvin Andrus, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Center
for Mission Innovation, CIA

 BREAK: 10:15 am
Panel: Agencies are starting to ask for Wikis and even advertise formal
requirements for them (see page 1)

*	10:30 am - Your agency wants or uses a Wiki 

*	GPO, TC Evans, Moderator 

*	USGS, Fred Travnichek (invited) 

*	CIM3, Peter Yim 

*	NIH, Olga Brazhnik 

*	NARA, John Kane 

*	GSA, Susan Turnbull

 Keynote: The Wiki - A grassroots approach to providing KM solutions

*	11:15 am - Niall Sinclair (confirmed-remote), Director, KM Public
Domain Initiatives, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, George
Washington University, and Author

NETWORKING LUNCH: 12 noon - 1 pm (on your own, but preferably in groups)
Featured Presentations and Questions:

*	1:00-1:20 pm Mills Davis, Project10X  SICOP/SWIM Vision for Semantic
Wikis and Information Management 

*	1:20-1:40 pm Mark Kurtz and Aaron Fulkerson, MindTouch,  Next
generation Open Source collaborative wikis, enterprise network appliances,
and wiki mash-ups. 

*	1:40-2:00 pm Conor Shankey, Visual Knowledge,  Semantic wikis for
information management, knowledge delivery, and semantic agent-based

*	2:00-2:20 pm Chuck Rehberg, Semantic Insights, Automating the read,
write, and reporting functions of semantic wikis to leverage knowledge
worker productivity. 

*	2:20-2:30 pm Questions & Answers and Wrapup

BREAK: 3 - 3:15 pm
Hands-on Experience and Discussion of Next Steps

*	3:15 - 4 pm

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