Barbara, Contact the staff of The Library of Congress, Motion Picture and Recorded Sound Division. We have a large, new facility for preservation and storage of films in Culpeper, Va. The main office and reference librarians are in the Madison Building on Capitol Hill. 
Ask your question in the Ask-A-Librarian interface for Motion Pictures & Television at 
If you wish to speak to someone by phone call the
Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division 202 707-5840 
or fax the Motion Picture Conservation Center at 937 258-7220 

Hope they can refer you to someone who will help you meet your deadline.

Jan Herd
Business Reference Librarian
Science, Technology & Business Division
The Library of Congress
Washington, D.C. 20540
Tel. 202 707-1216
Fax 202 707-1925

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Circumstances have found me with a VERY short turnaround time to put
together a SOW for the above and I'm hoping someone out there has already
put one out and I can do some cutting and pasting and claim it as my own???
I'm mostly interested in the technical requirements that need to be
followed. Please send me any templates and/or awarded contracts you may
have.  The following is our introductory paragraph:

        The Bureau of Land Management has a collection of over 272 cans of
      B&W, negative aerial roll film on acetate base.  These original rolls
      are all 9.5 inch format and approximately 180 to 200 feet in length.
      Deterioration of the film base due to what is known as "vinegar
      syndrome" is occurring in varying stages on each of these rolls.  The
      Bureau will be duplicating their acetate roll films onto a more
      stable, polyester base roll film before placing the original rolls
      into cold storage for preservation.  The first generation duplicates
      created via this process will function as the "master" working
      version of the original acetate films and will be certified as an
      exact representation of same.  These 40 * 50 year old rolls of
      acetate film are classified as permanent, records level materials and
      irreplaceable.  Handling of these originals needs to be minimized and
      done with extreme caution.  Experience and proven performance with
      this process will not only be critical, but mandatory for

Thank you so much, my fellow feds!

Barbara Campbell
Chief, Branch of Library Services
Bureau of Land Management
PO Box 25047
Denver, CO 80225
ph.  303-236-6648
fax   303-236-4810
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