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Author                         Title                                        Year                Edition/Copies


Weller, Jac                 Fire and Movement:              1967               1 copy

                                    Bargain-Basement Warfare

                                    In the Far East


Anderton, David A.    Strategic Air Command:Two-                        3 copies

                                    Thirds of the Triad


Bergerson, Frederic   The Army Gets an Air Force    1980             3 copies

                                    Tactics of Insurgent Bureaucratic



Smith, Perry McCoy  The Air Force Plans For Peace   1970         2 copies



                                    Anti-Ballistic Missile: Yes or No?                2 copies


O’Hanlon, Michael E. Defense Policy Choices For The  2001       2nd ed./1 copy

                                       Bush Administration


Perkins, Stuart L.          Global Demands: Limited Forces  1984      3copies

                                        US Army Deployment


Howard, Nigel                Confrontation Analysis:How             1999   1 copy

                                        To Win Operations Other Than War


Mansfield, Edwin            Defense, Science, and Public Policy  1968  1 copy


Beishline, John Robert   Military Management for National  1950  2 copies



Allison, Graham T,           Hawks, Doves, And Owls: An       1985  1 copy

                                           Agenda For Avoiding Nuclear War


Taylor, Robert L.             Military Leadership: In Pursuit   1984      3 copies

                                           Of Excellence


Malone, Dandridge M.    Small Unit Leadership A         1983          2 copies

       Commonsense Approach

Blair, Bruce G.                   Strategic Command and          1985         1 copy

                                             Redefining the Nuclear Threat


Handel, Michael I.              Leaders And Intelligence         1989       1 copy



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