The following military classics are excess to our collection.  We have multiple copies of some of these titles.  If you would like to have any or all of these, please send an email to Mary Bowser at [log in to unmask] by July 28, 2006.


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Author                         Title                                        Year                Edition/Copies



Dallin, David J.                    Soviet Espionage                     1955       1 copy


Martin, Laurence                Arms and Strategy: The           1973       1 copy

                                              World Power Structure Today


Horton, Frank B.                 Comparative Defense Policy      1974       3 copies


Halperin, Morton H.            Limited War In the Nuclear    1963         1 copy                                                                   Age


Huntington, Samuel              Changing Patterns Of Military 1962     1 copy



Snyder, Glenn H.                   Deterrence and Defense Toward  1961  1 copy

                                                 A Theory Of National Security


Turner, Gordon                      National Security in the Nuclear   1960 1 copy

                                                 Age Basic Facts and Theories


Owen, David                           The Politics of Defence             1972       1 copy


O’Neill, Robert                      New Directions In Strategic      1981       1 copy



Margiotta, Franklin               Changing U.S. Military                1983     1 copy

                                                Manpower Realities


MacGregor, Douglas A.        Breaking The Phalanx                 1997      2 copies

                                                A New Design for Landpower

                                                 In the 21st Century


Duncan, Stephen M.              Citizen Warriors: America’s      1997     1 copy

                                                 National Guard and Reserve

                                                 Forces & the Politics of National



Morgenstern, Oskar              The Question of National Defense   1959  1 copy



Slessor, John                          Strategy For The West                   1954     1 copy


Liddell Hart, B.H.                  Deterrent or Defense: A Fresh         1960   1 copy

                                                 A Fresh Look at the West’s

                                                 Military Position



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