The following military classics are excess to our collection.  We have
multiple copies of some of these titles.  If you would like to have any
or all of these, please send an email to Mary Bowser at [log in to unmask]
by July 28, 2006


Our apologies for cross-posting as we try to find a happy home for these


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Author                         Title
Year                Edition/Copies


Scott, John                              Political Warfare: A Guide To
1955    1 copy

                                                Competitive Coexistence


Miksche, F.O.                                    The Failure Of Atomic
Strategy &   1958    1 copy

                                                 A New Proposal for the

                                                  of the West


Knorr, Klaus                          On the Uses of Military Power in
the  1966  1 copy

                                                  Nuclear Age


Roberts, Adam                       Nations in Arms: The Theory and
1976  1 copy

                                                Practice of Territorial


Nacht, Michael                      The Age of Vulnerability Threats to
1985   2 copies

                                                 The Nuclear Stalemate


Lindsey, Robert                     The Falcon And The Snowman
1980    1 copy

                                                A True Story of
Friendship and 



Hunt, James G.                      Leadership on the Future Battlefield
1985  1 copy


Orr, George E.                       Combat Operations C3I:
1983   1 copy

                                                 Fundamentals and


Godson, Roy                          Intelligence Requirements for the
1980   1 copy

Counterintelligence, no. 3


Godson, Roy                          Intelligence Requirements for the
1980    3 copies

                                                1980's: Analysis and
Estimates, no. 2


Fehrenbach, T.R.              This Kind of War
1963    2 copies                                           



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