While Mr.. Berry is correct regarding the decimal equivalents of the hexadecimal values, be aware that entering those decimal values in combination with the Alt key into most Windows applications will produce the correct hexadecimal value only when a leading zero is used.  Thus Alt-0167 produces hexadecimal A7, but Alt-167 produces hexadecimal BA, or some other value depending on the Windows code page in effect.
More critically for your purposes, the characters entered this way will not look right unless which supports the MARC-8 encoding is used or the application remaps the characters as they are entered and displayed.  The soft sign can be entered into many Windows applications with Alt-0697, but while that produces the correct character, it does not produce the correct MARC-8 encoding.

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Mr. al-Rajab:
Not having studies the capabilities of all the Windows-based MARC systems that are currently available, I will not attempt to advise you on which system might meet all of your requirements, but I can tell you the decimal equivalents of the hexadecimal values you listed.  See the attached text document that lists all 8-bit hexadecimal to decimal values.  The six you were interested in are as follows:
decimal 167 = A7  soft sign (prime)

decimal 174 = AE alif (hamzah)

decimal 176 = B0 ayn

decimal 226 = E2 acute
decimal 229 = E5 macron

decimal 242 = F2 dot below
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