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At 10:28 AM 7/20/2006, you wrote:
>This is being sent to both the PREMIS Implementors' Group list and the
>METS list. Sorry for the duplication.
>In preparation for a PREMIS tutorial that Priscilla Caplan and I just did
>in Glasgow (sponsored by Digital Curation Centre), I spent a lot of time
>trying to figure out the best approach for using PREMIS with METS. Thanks
>especially to Morgan Cundiff at LC and Tom Habing at UIUC for helping me
>with this. I have made available a sample document to illustrate the
>approach that we came up with and solicit comments about it. It is at:
>Some notes on the approach.
>1. There is one administrative metadata with multiple techMD and
>digiProvMDs. The ADMID on <file> of course links to the appropriate techMD
>or digiProvMD.
>2. PREMIS object metadata is in techMD and premis:event is in digiProv. If
>we had premis:rights it would be in rightsMD.
>3. If there are elements in PREMIS that are also in METS, they are encoded
>redundantly. We thought that there was no harm in this and perhaps safer.
>4. If there is MIX, generally the data that is in PREMIS is in the PREMIS
>section and only the additional elements that are file specific are
>included in the MIX section. Note that this is based on the older version
>of MIX; MIX is in the process of revision because of the Z39.87 revision
>to harmonize the element names with PREMIS where they are the same.
>5. If there is an agent, it is in a separate digiProvMD or rightsMD
>section depending upon which metadata it's related to. In this case we
>haven't included a rightsMD section. We do have 2 events in digiProv. Then
>we have repeated digiProv with an agent and both events link to the same
>agent and the one agent is associated with both events in the file
>6. This example adds to a METS object we already had in our digital
>library. I am considering this METS object an intellectual entity (in
>PREMIS terms); thus the link to the presentation of it in the PREMIS
>7. We have not included PREMIS metadata for the service copies, because we
>consider them throwaways.
>I would welcome any comments on this approach. Also any discussion so that
>we can all start thinking about best practices for PREMIS/METS/MIX
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