Please replace the entry for "Florida Center for Library Automation,
FCLA Digital Archive (preservation archive)" with the information below.

Also please change the name to "Florida Center for Library Automation, 
Florida Digital Archive".

> 1) A short description of the METS application 
The Florida Digital Archive (FDA) is a long-term preservation repository
for digital materials in support of teaching and learning, scholarship,
and research in the state of Florida.  The FDA uses locally developed
software, called DAITSS, for ingest, management, and dissemination of
digital materials, and for implementing preservation strategies based on
reformatting (normalization, localization and forward migration). METS
is used as a SIP descriptor (to describe information packages submitted
for archiving), as an AIP descriptor (to describe information packages
stored in the repository), and as a DIP descriptor (to describe
information packages disseminated from the repository).

> 2) Projected dates of implementation (if not yet in production).
In production as of November 2005.

> 3) URL to any publicly available production or demonstration implementations

> 4) METS Profile information including: a) Status of METS profiles b) 
> Registered profile names (if any) and c) links to documentation about profiles 
> and any unregistered profiles in progress.

> 5) METS extension schemas being used for descriptive and administrative 
> metadata. 

dmdSec - MODS, Dublin Core
techMD - local (not endorsed) schemas for describing files, intellectual 
entities, and relationships
digiProv - local (not endorsed) schema for describing preservation events

> 6) URL to any available documentation or specifications for the 
> implementations. 
Documentation about the Florida Digital Archive is at

Documentation about the DAITSS application is at

> 7) An indication of whether any METS tools developed as part of the 
> implementations are available to other METS implementors; and if so, under 
> what terms (freeware, licensed software, etc.) 
Any METS processing needed by the repository is handled by the DAITSS
application, which will be available as license Open Source software in

> 8) Contact name and email address. 
Priscilla Caplan, [log in to unmask]