PCC Community:

I am delighted to announce the release of the final report from the Access
Level for Serials Working Group!  The report is linked to the CONSER home
page at:

With the release of the report, we will now move into a comment period that
will close on October 1, 2006.   Les Hawkins, CONSER Coordinator, has
graciously agreed to collect comments and work with the co-chairs of the
Working group to facilitate responses to questions.  Your feedback may be
submitted to any of the PCC lists, and I encourage your participation in the

As you review the document, the tremendous amount of work and dedication
that went into producing the report will be readily apparent.  The Working
Group co-chaired by Regina Reynolds and Diane Boehr deserves recognition for
a job well done.  Special thanks are also due to the following:

--Maureen Landry who, with the support of Roxanne Sellberg and Beacher
Wiggins, initiated the project and developed the charge.

--The administrators and managers of the Working Group members and the
participating pilot institutions for supporting the necessary travel and
time spent on the project (for a list of participants see:

--Ed Jones for adapting Tom Delsey's core data set for use with serials.

--Hien Nguyen for creating the Working Group web page and the Web version of
the final report.

--Les Hawkins for his work on the HTML version of the final report.

--Steve Shadle for outstanding statistical compilations and analysis.

--Peter McCracken for creating and hosting the Web survey.

--Melissa Beck and Renette Davis for untiring participation and much-needed
attention to the details of the report and appendices.

--Kristin Lindlan for keeping the group abreast of AACR2/RDA developments
and compiling the AACR2/RDA appendix.

--Tina Shrader for several compilations and analyses, including the MARC 21

--Regina Reynolds for drafting the text of the final report.

At the close of the comment period on October 1, an analysis of the feedback
will be forwarded to the Policy Committee for consideration at its annual
meeting at the beginning of November.  PoCo will vote on the recommendations
at that time.

At the same time, PoCo will also consider and vote on the recommendations of
another working group that will be created shortly and charged to examine
and make recommendations on appropriate encoding levels and authentication
codes to be used in records for serials and for integrating resources, with
the aim of providing clear and simple coding for PCC records.  This group
will also be co-chaired by Regina Reynolds (LC) and Diane Boehr (NLM).

Mark Watson
PoCo Chair, 2006