I think this proposal should go forward ASAP because it *can* go forward 
ASAP.  However, the next step should be to ask MARBI to "decommission" 
the 440 field.  By being both a transcription field and a potentially 
authority controlled field, it has been an illogical concept from the 

Sue Wartzok

Les Hawkins wrote:

>PCC list members, here is a message sent to CONSER and BIBCO members      
>for comment. We invite your comments as well- Les Hawkins                    
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>Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:02:25 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Les Hawkins <[log in to unmask]>
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>Subject: Series coding proposal
>CONSER and BIBCO colleagues, please see the series proposal presented at
>the CONSER At-Large meeting at ALA annual:
> The proposal would allow
>PCC participants the option of always coding the series statement in a 490
>1 field and entering a controlled heading in the appropriate 8XX field.
>Benefits include facilitating local global change utilities and being able
>to take advantage of OCLC's control headings feature.
>We felt it important to vet this change with BIBCO, CONSER, and the PCC
>Standards Committee for further comment before making this option
>available to PCC members. 
>We've talked to the Network Development and MARC Standards Office
>(NDMSO) about the need for MARBI approval. Our understanding from NDMSO is
>that as the proposal states, this is more a matter of program policy
>rather than field redefinition and so probably does not require MARBI
>approval to implement. The proposal for this practice was made several
>years ago and though not approved at the time, it is likely that libraries
>are making use of the practice in ILS implementations.
>If adjustments to the description of 490 indicator 1 need to be made, such
>as from "traced differently" to "traced in a different field" (or similar
>language), this could probably be incorporated as a minor editorial change
>in the fall 2006 MARC update.
>We would like to receive your comments before September 8th, 2006. Please
>send your comments to the listserv or feel free to send comments directly
>to me or Carolyn Sturtevant.
>Les Hawkins 
>CONSER Coordinator
>202 707-5185

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