What you do in your BIBCO records is between you and your utility, though I would think for the sake of simplicity, it would be easeir to do both bibs and authorities together, but that's my own opinion (especially if you need the new characters in bib headings supported by authorities). We have one more NACO node to test with (probably within a week), and hope to make a further announcement within July about a "go" for NACO.

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I'm preparing training for staff on the changes that OCLC is implementing 
in Connexion 1.6.  With Connexion release 1.6, we now have available a 
number of new characters in Basic Latin and Extended Latin.  LC's document 
"Usage of 'New' MARC 21 Characters in MARC-8 Records" at indicates that LC will be 
revising LCRIs 1.0E and 1.4F5 and DCM Z1 670 once these characters are 
able to be used in LC records and in authority records.

It would appear that OCLC now permits the use of most of these characters, 
although Technical Bulletin 252 states that use of some of the extended 
Latin characters is "subject to revision of Library of Congress Rule 
Interpretation 1.0E where appropriate."  The Technical Bulletin also notes 
that PCC participants should follow PCC practices for the extended Latin 

I understand that for records which are being shared between PCC members 
and LC and which are redistributed by CDS (i.e. NACO, SACO, and CONSER 
records) that it's imperative to wait until LC is ready to accept these 
new characters.  My question has to do with BIBCO records that are not 
currently being or going to be distributed by CDS (this would exclude 
future BIBCO records for integrating resources): can we start using these 
new characters in these BIBCO records?  Are there technical or policy 
reasons why the new characters could not start being used immediately in 
BIBCO records created outside LC?

If we have to hold off on using all of these new characters until LC 
revises and posts its documentation, can someone at LC give us an idea of 
when that may be expected?

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