It seems a bit premature right now. We plan to do some revisions of the
data dictionary and schemas in the next several months (the PREMIS web
site documents some of those that are needed). After we convene the PREMIS
Editorial Committee (whose first job will be to look at needed changes),
we can revisit this question.

One problem with ISO standards is that they are not freely available,
which makes some people reluctant to go through the process. We would like
to keep our documentation publicly and freely available.


On Fri, 21 Jul 2006, Ruth Duerr wrote:

> Just an idle thought; but, has anyone in the PREMIS community ever  
> considered the
> question of whether or not to take the PREMIS schema to ISO for  
> consideration as a
> standard (subsidiary to the OAIS Reference Model) and if so when?
> I'd really like to know...
> R. Duerr
> Data Stewardship Program Manager
> National Snow and Ice Data Center
> University of Colorado at Boulder