I've now added the example from the National Library of Australia to the
"pigpen" wiki.


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Actually sharing these kinds of documents is exactly what we had in mind
for our PREMIS Implementors' Group wiki, the "pigpen".

It is very easy to use, and I would encourage people to put examples up
there-- better than sending in an email.

Right now it's password protected, although we had thought we would
change that to make it easier for people to use. Only subscribers to
this list can read the archives and would know about the wiki, so I am
including the password below.

There is a section for encoded examples as well as a section for METS
profiles that use PREMIS. 

This is considered a place to put documents that people want discussed,
not necessarily anything in final form, so we encourage people to use it
as it was intended. It could really help us in our work.

So if anyone else has some sample files that use PREMIS, either examples
for objects or profiles or whatever, PLEASE post them on the pigpen and
let everyone know through this list.

To get to the pigpen:
login: linus
password: lucy

There's also a link to it from the main PREMIS Implementor's group page
(but not the password):

To use it, simply click on edit and follow the pattern to create links.
Click on attach to upload a document from your computer to the wiki.
It's fairly self explanatory and there's some documentation under help.