Hello all,

We had also problems with the understanding of the

- on the level of file, we understood it concerned the linking of
several digital objects, but this is in our opinion information you
describe with bibliographic metadata and especially meant for the
end-user and so you will describe this link at representation level
- on the level of representation a example was given for website, to
link the different files together and so create a new Intellectual
Entity. But this depends on the way you store your different files of
the websites, they might be stored together in one AIP and so together
form the Intellectual Entity.

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Onderwerp: [PIG] linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifier


A question on the use of the linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifier:

Does the Intellectual Entity an abstraction of the articles, books, etc,
that the same Intellectual Entity will have multiple representations
such as one digital object in my repository, another one in your repo,
and one hard copy in a journal residing on the basement of the science
library on campus?

If this is the case, the value of the
linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifierValue shall be something like a DOI
number, an ISBN number or alike, instead of an object identifier in some
repo since that's the ID of just a digital object but not the
abstraction of that digital object, am I right?

If this is the case, the usage notes on p.2-70 confuses me:

"... This may be a link to descriptive metadata that describes the
Intellectual Entity or some other surrogate for it that can be

I had thought the identifer is for the abstract intellectual entity but
not one of its representation, such as the descriptive metadata. Also:

"This link will likely be to an identifier of an object that is at a
higher conceptual level than the object for which the metadata is
provided, for example, to a collection or parent object."

Again here the identifier may be for a concrete digital object.

If this is to link two concrete object, isn't it better to just describe
it in the "relationship"?

Also, is there a way to describe the nature of the link, e.g., this link
is from a MODS metadata object to the intellectual entity, that link is
from a full-text pdf representation to the intellectual entity? Is there
a way to convey the descriptive metadata and/or the full-text nature of
the link?


Zhiwu Xie