>I may have missed something, but what were the objections to:
>eq ne gt lt ge le ?

Currently, the impact on existing queries is minimal as = can always be
mapped to the exact equality for strings, or adj for words.
But by changing all of the relations, it has a much higher impact on
existing queries.

On thinking about = vs ==, is it really a problem?  The bug which
catches people out in programming is typically:
	if (a = b) { ... }   // attempting if a is b
	a == a + 1           // attempting increment a by 1

So to translate:
	identifier = "abc 123"
when you mean:
	identifier == "abc 123"

But any sane server will map that = to == anyway, thereby doing what you
meant regardless.

I can't see anyone giving the query:
	word == fish
When they actually meant:
	word = fish
In the same way that no one writes equality when they mean assignment.

I'm going to flipflop and prefer '==' to 'eq' now, because I don't think
that the disadvantage of == is real :)